About RCW

Russian Content Worldwide is the umbrella export brand of the Russian content industry. It unites all Russian audiovisual content creators promoting their product on the international markets and seeks to raise the global professional audience’s awareness of the capabilities of the Russian creative industries in the making of films, TV series and animations, and of Russia’s potential for broad international cooperation.

RCW brand values


We seek to make Russian content accessible to global audiences, to streamline business processes and to make the Russian content industry more transparent.


Experts in international promotion, we have the relevant professional competencies and set the tone for the development of the Russian content industry.


We actively assist in promoting Russian companies and talent on the international markets, creating new jobs through international success, developing the industry’s creative and technical potential through active integration into the global content market and use of international experience.


The Russian Content Worldwide brand seeks to inspire foreign partners to engage in active collaboration and work with Russia, search for new forms of cooperation and develop unique new projects.